Chameliograhpic Helmet 1

The Chameliograhpic Helmet deployed and worn

Chameliograhpic Helmet 2

The Chameliograhpic Helmet compacted

The Chameliograhpic Helmet is a device that covers the user's head and face, that can scan an animal to produce a holographic image of the animal around the user, in order to closely study the creature in its' natural surroundings. It appears as an egg-shaped, chrome-metal and gloss-white helmet, with a large cycloptic eye/scanner at the front, and a hole at the base for the the user's head. When not in use, in folds down to the size of a cosmetic compact.

Luis, Emily, Ethan and Squibbon tend to use it like a toy. On one occasion, Squibbon managed to use the device to manipulate the Time Flyer, and make the crew believe the ship was haunted. In another time, Ethan convinced C.G. to have some fun and to play with some Babookari using the Chameliograhpic Helmet, but the helmet malfunction causing C.G. to believe she was a Babookari. Luis then found a way to get C.G's memories back.

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