Deathbringers are huge bats, with a 1.3m wingspan that enables them to soar effortlessly over the desert for hours, searching the desert for spinks. They can also tackle weak rattleback youngsters.

Classification Edit

S - Mortalitacinos immanis

G - Mortalitacinus

F - Phyllostomidae

O - Chiroptera

C - Mammalia

P - Chordata

K - Animalia


Deathgleaners live in communal roosts in the caves and ravines of the Rocky Mountains. They sleep during the freezing night, huddling together to keep warm and preserve energy for their long flights to find food.

They must wait until the sun has warmed the ground sufficiently to make use of warm air currents to enable them to soar over great distances hunting for food.

When food is very scarce deathgleaners go into a state of torpor, saving energy by slowing down their metabolism.


Deathgleaners have penetrating eyes and a sharp sense of smell helping it to find food wherever it hides.

They feed on spinks and very occasionally a young rattleback, taking any leftovers back to the roost to be shared.

By wheeling and banking they signal to each other when food has been found.


Not known.

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