A vicious predator descended from wasps. They can grow up to 15cm in total length and can grab a spitfire bird out of the air during flight. Their first pair of legs is a grasping pair, second modified to form a spear that it thrusts into it's prey.


The falconfly is one of the largest insects ever to live on earth and is also one of the most ferocious.


The falconfly cruises through the forest looking for unwary flutterbirds, which it seizes with its hooked front legs. The second pair of legs come together to form a sharp harpoon, killing the flutterbird immediately.

Falconflies feed on Spitfire Birds and Roachcutters.


The Falconfly has 3 or 4 burrows, with larva. The mom or dad can feed their larvae with adult prey.

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