Episode summary:

Luis and C.G. plant a hybrid tree but Ethan and Emily find this as exciting as watching grass grow. They go off together alone to explore the animal life. Ethan uses the cameliographic helmet to make himself look like a falcon fly and crashes into a tree, knocking out a spitfire bird nest. While Emily yells at him for being so reckless he decides he'll try to make it better by putting the nest, and the only egg that didn't get cracked, back into the tree.

Meanwhile Luis and C.G. are recording their progress on the hybrid plant. C.G. is nervous about messing up this project but Luis reassures her that they will be fine. After a short, and perhapse slighty awkward to Luis and C.G., conversation Squibby appears and takes the camera. As Luis chases Squibbon C.G. realizes they cant record the expierment without the camara and helps get it back.

Emily and Ethan attempt to put the nest back in the tree when they come across a false spitfire bird. Ethan, thinking it is going to shoot acid at them, grabs Emily and pulls her towards him. When the bird leaves Ethan dosn't realize that he is still holding on to Emily. When he does he jumps back and blushes when she thinks he was giving her a hug.


  • This is the first and last time we see false spitfire birds
  • This is the second episode were spitfire birds play a big role in the storyline (The first being "etreme bird watching")
  • This episode strongly shows Luis and C.G.'s crushes on eachother
  • In this episode Ethan shows he has a crush on Emily
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