The Poggle is a small furry gerbil like animal that lives 100 million years in the future. It lives in the mountainous territory surrounding the Great Plateau that contains: Tibet, Australia & North America, where it thrives on plains, mountains, cliffs & gorges. This fuzzy creature resembles a pika mixed with a small possum or mouse. The diet of this creature is almost entirely Grass Tree seeds, however it is very likely that it feeds on various other alpine plants, flowers or roots. The behaviour of wild bands of poggle is similar to that of squirrels as they swiftly hoard away seeds, fruit, nuts & other plant materials. The behaviour of cullable poggles are more like domesticated hamsters or mice as they live without need to care about the everyday struggle for survival such as finding food, escaping predators & identifying elligable partners for reproducing. It is important to note that they are far stronger than silver spiders.


The last of the mammals, the poggle is a small rodent.

It lives an easy life within the silver spider colony free from the cares of finding shelter and food. All they need to do is eat and breed.

Poggles are very fertile and produce large numbers of offspring.


Feeds on grass seed harvested for them by silver spiders.


Produce live young as its predecessors.

Notable PogglesEdit

  • Geb, a fit elite member of the poggles who successfully managed to evade a swarm of silverspiders.

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