A group of birds descended from sea birds that were first to colonise Antarctica. They have radiated to become the dominant form of birds in the continents rainforest. One such species is the roachcutter - it hunts big insect prey and kills them with a swift bite of its sharp bill.


About the size of a human-era sparrow the roachcutter is an excellent flier. Its short, wide wings are perfect for making tight turns in the thick forest as well as enabling it to hover.

Its eyes are mounted on turrets giving it all round vision.


Roachcutter feed on small insect.


Roachcutter lays eggs in their nest.

Predator Edit

one of only was a Falconfly, this wasp can kill Roachcutter to feed their young.

Mating Edit

Male Roachcutter Communicate female by make sound of their voice to Tracking female. then do Mating Dance.

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