The shagrat is a sheep sized marmot that lives 5 million years in the future. This creature lives across Europe, Asia and North America. It maintains this range as a result of a very powerful ice age during that time. This wooly creature resembles a Capybara combined with a Bison or Musk Ox. The diet of a shagrat is centered around small tundratic or boreal shrubs and grasses, however flowers, roots & many other plants could also contribute to it's diet. The Shagrats behavior is similar to musk oxen as they form fierce protective circles around the young, elderly or weak and have a strong herd mentality.

Classification Edit

S - Sagmus balantes

G - Sagmus

F - Sciuridae

O - Rodentia

C - Mammalia

c- Chordata

K - Animalia


Living in the northern tundra, shagrats are stocky with a thick fur coat and huddle together for warmth. They use their short, erect tails to signal to each other.

They have taken the place of oxen and other cattle living in herds of around 20.

Shagrats migrate to the southern birches and conifers in the winter. They can survive immersion in freezing water. Their outer fur resists the water which they can shake off.


They use their strong forelimbs to clear snow and have broad, clawed feet which they use to dig for roots and grass stems. They have large teeth and rounded cheek pouches.


Female shagrats give birth to their kids alive.


one of the Shagrat's predators was the Snowstalker.

Mating Edit

Male Shagrats sometimes mate with Females by positioning Head to Head and Back to Back.

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