The Future is Wild
Season 1, Episode 15
Air date April 5, 2008
Written by -
Directed by -
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"Sweet Home Pangaea II"
"Parent Trap"

C.G. gives herself, Luis,and Emily food poisoning so Ethan and Squibbon go to investigate an ocean phantom they think is someone's boat. Also, a spindletrooper is unsure of what to defend his ocean phantom from, and so is his leader.

Plot Edit

It was a day at the Shallow Seas.Inside the floating Time Flyer,Luis keeps on saying that he will not get sick,then his stomach groans and complained that he is definely getting sick and grabs a bucket.Then,Emily said to him that they get it that he is sick and grabs the bucket from Luis as she said that she is sicker. CG said that their sudden seasickness puzzles her,because the time flyer is barely moving,which causes Luis to reply that it might be seaweed-sickness from a pudding-like dish CG made and Emily said "Don't remind him."CG angrily told Luis that the dish she made is not pudding,but red-algae extraction jelly,then she told luis that if human are going to relocate in the hundred million era,part of their mission must determine how much of the plant life is edible,and then said that the sun-lit nutrient shallow seas had an abundant supply of marine.Then she takes a bite of the red algae extraction and remarks that it is rich in iodine.Suddenly, a disgusting noise comes out of nowhere,then Emily points out it is Ethan and tells him the disgusting noises he's making aren't helping,with Luis agreeing with Emily by saying "Yeah,Dude!Stomach issues here!",then coughs.Ethan replies that he and Squibbon are in the finals of their "Armpit Olympics" which is a armpit flatulence contest.Ethan performs a armpit fart and challenges Squibby to top his.Squibby does his too,and creates a song using farting noises.Soon after he finishes,Ethan remarks at squibby that it was awesome.But,Emily weakly scolds that Ethan shouldn't teach Squibbon to be rude.Soon after,her stomachs groans and hastily tries to get the bucket from,but he keeps it away from her.

Quotes Edit

CG:Mmm,rich in iodine.

Emily:The disgusting noises arentt helping.

Luis:Yeah,dude!Stomach issues here!(coughs)

Ethan:In a sec!We're in the finals of the armpit Olympics.

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