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|Time zone = 100 million years
|Time zone = 100 million years
|Type = Arachnid
|Type = Arachnid
|Size = From one centimetre across to the queen, the size of a football
|Size = From one centimetre across to the queen, the size of a tennis ball
|Ancestor = Black Widow
|Ancestor = Black Widow
|Lives = Great Plateau
|Lives = Great Plateau

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Big colonial spiders that build vast nest like webs, draped over the plateau rock face. These webs collect seeds blown in from the foot of the plateau. The younger spiders gather the seeds and take them to seed piles, stacked safely underground.


Silver spiders live in a colony.

Each spider has a job to do in this highly organised society. The youngest spiders are web builders, spinning huge webs to catch clouds of grass seeds floating through the valley.

Other spiders scurry about the web gathering the seeds or attending to the queen.

Silver spiders come in all sizes. The youngest are only a few millimetres across but the queen can grow to the size of a football.


Silver spiders have only one known source of food, poggles. These creatures utilise a deceptive strategy where thay labour greatly to collect seeds and store them in chambers within the mountains. Wild poggles are attracted to the scents of food and settle there, the spiders freely walk amoungst the poggles as they are deposit more seeds and clean the chambers housing the poggle populations. The poggles frequently breed and produce large populations of somewhat degenerated poggles (due to a number of factors including: inbreeding, low exercise, over-indulgence etc.) and field many chambers containing these poggles. Eventually the Silver Spiders cull the fatter, slower and degenerated poggle populations via a paralysing venom, however, where most of these creatures are slaughtered a small contingent of fitter, faster and more developed poggles will arise occasionally and escape these confines into wild bands of poggles. It is important to note that silver spiders are weaker than poggles and can be killed by them.


The queen silver spiders depend on pregnant poggles for their hormones so as to innitiate their own reproduction of silverspider eggs.

Notable Silver SpidersEdit

Zaga, Zuma & Zeek were spiders in service to a particular Spider colony that raised a colony of cullable poggles and participated in the culling of all but one poggle who desisively escaped.

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