This animal is a large mobile predator that roams huge distances across frozen wastes. They are descended from some form of mustelid, probably a wolverine. Powerful and menacing, they can be four feet in length and stand 2 feet tall at the shoulder.

Classification Edit

S - Nixherba beluinus

G - Nixherba

F - Mustelidae

O - Carnivora

C - Mammalia

P - Chordata

K - Animalia


The predatory snowstalker has evolved from the weasel family. Its white fur is not an efficient heat-absorber, but it is better camouflage.

It is a solitary animal with a huge territory. It needs one, since its prey – the furry herbivorous rodent shagrats, big as sheep, are few and far between, eking a living themselves from the coarse vegetation.


Snowstalkers can run quite fast, but stalk and ambush is their usual hunting method. They are successful hunters, attacking swiftly and silently. They can kill animals much larger than themselves.

Snowstalkers have poisonous saliva. Toxins in the saliva speed the death of wounded shagrats.

Their canine teeth have evolved into slashing sabres. They inflict deep wounds on their prey, which bleed to death.


Pregnant snowstalker females are able to hold their developing embryos in suspension; that way they can be born as the brief summer thaw begins.

The embryos growing together in her womb may have several different fathers; this ensures that there is a mixing of inherited characteristics and no risk of inbreeding and genetic weakness.

Males allow females to eat their prey in exchange for mating rights.

Females feed their cubs with regurgitated food.

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