Spinks are colonial birds that spend virtually all their lives underground in burrows, a much more pleasant place to be than the unforgiving surface. They feed on roots and sugar-rich sap of the desert turnip, it takes a lot of spinks to maintain a tunnel system large enough to reach sufficient desert turnips.

Classification Edit

S - Spink coloniae

G - Spink

F - Odontophoridae

O - Galliformes

C - Mammalia

P - Chordata

K - Animalia


This is a species of burrowing bird, living in burrows in large underground colonies to avoid the grim desert conditions above.

In their dark subterranean habitat, spinks do not need to see and communicate by sound or touch, twittering and squeaking in the tunnels.

The spink crawls in much the same way that it digs, levering itself forward with its elbows, its weight supported by horny pads at the joints. Feeding:


Spink colonies are established where turnips are most abundant and they eat the roots and sugary sap. Breeding:


Due to the limited food supply, the few fertile males and females pair up to establish new colonies, travelling across the desert in search of turnip plants.

Noteable SpinksEdit


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