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These are descended from squid, which have successfully invaded the land. They are an arboreal species that live in simple structures built in the treetops, capitalising on their natural dexterity and acute stereoscopic vision.


Squibbons spend their entire lives in the trees. Their arms and tentacles are so flexible that they can grip branches and grab food with ease.

They can also weave twigs and leaves into shelters, which they build in the tree-tops. These are used to sleep in at night and to tend to their young.

Squibbons have evolved large brains to cope with their crowded habitat. Navigating through the trees at high speed they use their eyes, placed on the end of long, flexible stalks, to look for danger at every turn.

They are sociable creatures and live in large, organised communities, sharing food and taking care of one another’s babies. They communicate by sound and by colour patterns.


Squibbons sometimes eat fruit and may snatch Forest Flish out of flight.


Squibbons give birth to their babies.


Megasquids are the only predators that at Squibbons. Squibbons will collect rocks and chuck them at Megasquids. Slithersuckers may also eat them.


Male and female Squibbons will use their arms to wrap around one another in order to mate.

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