Squibbon, or Squibby or Squibs or Squib Mister, is a Squibbon from the Northern forest of Pangea II. Squibbon is the reason why CG, Emily, Ethan and Luis are together on CG's mission. Squibby is quite mischeivous and curious & it is because of these traits that he has got were he is today, for example Squibby snuck onto the time flyer, he stole a time telecomunication key, he damaged solar power grids, fled a boat, attracted a snow stalker, seperated himself from the crew, threatened himself by damaging a parachute, stole a valuble genetically engineered berry, severely damaged 3 robots, attracted a school of flish into the time flyer, fightened a baby Squibbon & has endured several near death expeiriences. However Squibby's greatest prank was terrifying the crew and toying with their emotions in "A Ghost In The Machine". Until "Sweet Home Pangea II" Squibbon has been kept secret from CG's father. Squibby is near sentient if not sentient already, he has a great capability to learn and can quietly observe the use of foreing machines and devices and eventually learn how to utilise them, this ability was overlooked untill "a Ghost In The Machine" where Squibby finnaly demonstrated this ability to the crew by mixing complex chemicals together, activating the chameleographic helmet and scaning the crew, flying the time traveler to different locations & time travelling and locating foreing eggs. Squibby refers to the humans of the crew as hairy heads and propably prefers emily more than the others.

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