Episode 6


Squibbon takes C.G.'s time telecomunicator key just before she has to give her father a very important report. Luis and C.G. try to find the key using technology while Emily and Ethan trust their guts. While the crewmates look for the key Squibbon finds a baby swampus and gives it the key. Luis and C.G. follow an electronic signal but find a lurkfish and get stuck on a sand bar in their haste to escape. Emily and Ethan follow tracks that lead directly to a swampus and get stuck in a tree.


  • When C.G. and Luis are stuck on a sand bar she hints that she has a crush on him
  • This is the only time we see a baby swampus

Memorable Quotes:

1. {While stuck in a tree}

"Lean back"


"Trust your gut"

{Tree falls}

"MY GUT! Trust MY gut not YOURES"

-Emily and Ethan

2. "Retrieve the key and Luis and I will manage on our own"

"we will?"

"No YOU will"

"Me? Your the one with the futuristic hardware"

"True, but you, you know"

"No I dont, I what?"

"Your, smart...-er than myself... probably"

"Well,... I dont know about that C.G. I mean, you can pilot the time flyer"

"which no longer flys through time, I'm from the future Luis. Of course I have gadgets you've never seen but you have a great mind"

"Well thanks, my parents played a lot of motzart when I was- hey, how about we get off of this sandbar"


-Luis and C.G.

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