Time Flyer

The Time Flyer is a futuristic aircraft and time-machine. It has two floors, with the upper-deck constituting the bridge, bunk and living area, while the lower-deck constitutes the engine-block and storage area. This craft is capable of vertical takeoffs and landings, as well as submersible travel.

The Time Flyer was built by a future civilization on the edge of catastrophe, to scout-out and preform research in different time periods, in order to find a suitable environment to resettle.

Crew ComplementEdit

  • Cassiopeia (aka C.G.) - Commander, Pilot, Engineer and Field Researcher.
  • Luis - Technician and Field Researcher.
  • Emily - Field Researcher.
  • Ethan - Field Researcher.
  • Robots (x3) - Programed for various roles. (All have been disabled do to malfunction.)
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