The Future is Wild
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date October 27, 2007
Written by -
Directed by -
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"Sky High Anxiety"
"Think Big"

While the crew's time flyer is stuck in mud, Luis stays to try to fix it while the rest of them investigate an unusual heat source. Meanwhile, an elderly Toraton, Stoney, trying to reach a Toraton Graveyard, falls asleep on the time flyer thinking its a rock.


The crew was debating over what will they will go next,as CG said that they exhausted the Bengal swamp's pontential for human relocation.Suddenly the infrared sensor picks up a heat source.CG tries to get to the heat source,but haves the time flyer too close to the ground and shortens the ship's power drill.Ethan teases CG that he's thinks she shorted out the ship's entire power drill,but she scolds him that she did not and only shortened out most of the power.CG angrily said on she was supposed anticipated at the Time Flyer's weight combined with the liguidified soil (mud),but was cut by Ethan jokes that CG got them stuck in the mud.As CG moops about her mistake,Luis tries to cheer her up,but was cut by Giant footsteps that Luis panicky thinks it was a Earthquake.They rushed back to the time flyer,but as CG tries to identity the cause of the Earthquake, a herd of Toratons pass by the Time Flyer.After they pass,Ethan panicly suggested that they should somewhere else now,but Luis states they have a quick look on the Time Flyer.CG agrees,but nervously asks Luis if he knows how.


Luis: "Oh, hi, Mr., um, C.G.`s dad. [laughs nervously] I'm Luis."

C.G.'s father: "What are you doing in the pilot seat, and who allowed you to use the time telecommunicator? This is strictly against regulations, and where`s my daughter?"

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